Special photo session for pets with their human friends. Who hasn't ever taken studio photos with family and friends? And why not with your pet? She is your best friend and part of your family.

I particularly love animals and that's why I enjoy taking pictures of dogs, cats, birds, iguanas, chinchillas... and always with their owners. I program sessions outdoors, or in a park to get the most natural photos of your pet. If your little friend is shy I can move to your home and if he dares, bring him to my studio where I will take the best photographs.

Have a fun time and... take a souvenir for life!

Have you thought about having your profile picture taken in a studio? Give yourself a professional photo session, and you will have nice portraits that you can use on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, web, etc.). Or images to use in other graphic media such as resumes, fringes, magazines, etc.